We worship God daily in our normal lives and activities in thanksgiving for the gift of Grace God bestows in us.

Our Corporate Worship on Sunday is an opportunity to witness and share with other Christians, to love one another and to pray together, and to receive the blessings that God grants us through His church; The gift of His Word, His infinite Grace & Mercy, His Forgiveness of our mistakes, His Compassion for our lives, His Encouragement for today, His Promise for tomorrow, and the Counsel & Wisdom of His Holy Spirit. Music is a traditional hymnody of the church, and the Liturgical Patterns of the Divine Service will resonate with many of the worship traditions of Christian Churches.

Word, Worship, Witness is the name of our Wednesday Evening Gatherings. It is a contemporary worship service presented in a casual atmosphere where an open discussion about what God actually says in His Word to us is held, and then compared with Contemporary cultural thoughts and ideas. Songs and hymns are upbeat and shared via the use of multi-media technologies. The Order of service (liturgy) is more flexible and less structured.

Worship is gathered around a meal at 6pm with a study beginning at 6:30pm. You can bring your own, or share the daily gastronomic offering of the day.

The name is patterned on the idea that we encounter God through His Word and receive His Gifts to us. We then express ourselves in our response to our encounter, which is what worship is. Then we share with others what we have seen, heard and received with others around us, which is worship.