The Story of the Tree

The Meaning Behind Our Logo

In the early 60’s, When the founding members of this congregation chose a small olive grove for the site of their church, The Olive tree inspired the name and the hope of Mount Olive Lutheran Church. Not too long after, the vision of a preschool became a reality and we became Mount Olive Lutheran Church and Preschool. It seems only right that the trees which inspired our name and still stand on our campus would be the centerpiece of our logo.

The Mount of Olives is a place outside of the city of Jerusalem and is a significant place in Biblical History. This is the place where Jesus lamented over the people before entering the city on His path to the cross. An Olive branch was what the dove brought back to Noah to indicate that a new beginning was at hand. Still today, the Olive Branch is a metaphor for an offering of peace, and rests today in the talons of an eagle on the floor of the Oval Office.

Mount Olive rests in the city of Poway, whose own logo depicts the great oak tree once seen near Espola and Twin Peaks roads. What better way to identify as a place in both worlds.

The Tree consists of Trunk and branches. The tree is a living, growing thing. It provides clean air to breathe; it provides shade and comfort from the elements. The trunk signifies strength, well-rooted, and its branches signify various arms of ministry and learning. The core or heart provides the stability of the tree and is called the “core” similar to a congregation. It is the oldest part but is the primary support. The outer rings are the new growth and provide the flow of vital nutrients from the ground it is rooted in, out to the various parts of the tree. The bark protects the tree from attack of fire, pestilence and blight.

The Leaves of the tree Takes energy from the light and feeds the whole tree with it. Both dark green and light green leaves to signify old growth and new growth, or in other words, a mix of new members among the old. Green is growth. Old leaves still produce and are vital. Young leaves are able to produce at a greater pace. Olives are the fruit of the tree. What good is a tree if it does not produce good fruit? Multi-colored olives signify diversity not just of members and cultures, but also of ministry and mission and compassionate care. What we do is for everyone. The three colors of our olives remind us of the Trinity and also represent the three-fold emphasis of the Larger Church, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

Why the Bird? More than just whimsy, The Holy Spirit is often depicted as a dove. The official color of the LCMS is blue. Blue is regarded as the color of hope and it is certainly appropriate that the bird be blue, as it is the power of the Spirit that gives man hope.